Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Like sharks, they drag their pray underwater

I guess John Edwards' baby's mama went to the Mark Sanford School of Publicity. She's nothing but a publicity hound now that doesn't know when to shut her mouth.
As bad as Sanford was about saying that he was in love with his Argentinan soul mate and everyone in the state of SC was clamoring for him to shut his trap, we should be asking Ms. Hunter to do the same.
Yesterday, she was in the news about how she was still in love with him, like she's in the 10th grade and just got dumped by the senior quarterback. Now, we learn today that she's gonna have some sort of photo spread in the the next GQ. Good for her. At least she can have a career as trashy tabloid fodder.
And GQ can take the Gentlemen out of their title. That is not what gentlemen do.
I would issue some type of warning to John Edwards, but he's only getting what he asked for.
I don't ask for politicians to be perfect. That would be asking for more than what they can live up to. I only ask for them to be decent.

Pocket-size Democrats

If the health care overhaul is supposed to be so great and grand for all Americans, why are special interests on both sides fighting so hard?
Read this today:

Union groups and other supporters announced a $1.3 million advertising campaign urging 17 House Democrats to vote for the measure, and officials at the Service Employees International Union threatened to withdraw support from Democrats who vote against the bill.


It says a lot that unions are so determined to get this shoved through by spending money targeting one specific group. But it says just as much about Democrats who seem to be taking orders from union bosses, and not the citizens they are elected to represent.

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