Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama takes on state's rights

With the immigration law passed in Arizona, President Obama felt the need to weight in on this issue. Basically, the new law states that it is acceptable for law enforcement to question the citizenship of anyone they believe may be here illegally. In a border state that is being threatened with more and more violence from Mexican gangs, it's no wonder the Arizona Assembly passed such a measure. Of course, this will be sent to the Arizona State Supreme Court for review, not the Federal courts. And that's why President Obama needs to tread lightly.

I completely understand that immigration, illegal or legal, is something that should be handled on the federal level. But under the current circumstances, it is the responsibility of state leaders to protect it's own part of the border and its citizens.

The violence in southern Arizona has been worsening, and the furor climaxed with the murder of a rancher by an illegal alien in March, 2010. Mexican drug cartels have been increasingly pushing into the southern border states, and also bringing the violence with them. And the only immigration stance the White House has basically says "sorry for keeping you in the shadows. Learn English, pay a fine, and happy travels in the U.S." It's not a policy, it's an open door. If the national government's answer to illegal immigrant violence in southern border states is to continue to discuss how to strengthen the border, and think about putting national guard troops on border patrol, then the state's have an obligation to protect it's citizens.

There is a legal way to emigrate to the United States. If the federal government does not want to enforce its own policies, then states and local governments should enforce policies it believes are warranted and necessary.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Beatles once came to Shea Stadium, too

A friend of mine from high school posted on her facebook status:

"is excited Obama is coming to Asheville today! I work near Grove Park Inn....what if I see him!!"

Hey, it's great that someone can be excited about seeing the President. But did you ever see anyone get so flustered about seeing either George Bush or Bill Clinton? Ok, just the Bushes? It's hero worship to a disturbing degree. If Obama gets elected out in 2012, would I be considered a racist for saying, "finally, a white president." Yes, and I should be. But is it just as equal to say that about someone who says, "finally, a black president?"

GM's big scam

I'm sure a lot of people have heard about how the administration was all excited about announcing GM had repaid their loan. As Mike Myer's Scottish Guy character on Saturday Night Live used to say, "It's crap!"

GM received a lump sum of money from taxpayers, and stored some in a separate account than that of its general operating expenses. With the separate money, the re-payed the original loan. I'm assuming that the loan repayment also included some funds from profit.

It's disgusting and an affront to every citizen in this country. GM even started running television ads stating they had re-payed the loan. What a lie! If the Obama administration was worried about transparency and accountability, this would be a great launching point for such an initiative.

GM should be required to repay whatever amount they used from the original bailout loan, with interest. I would even go as far to say GM would no longer be eligible for any type of government assistance.

Some people think this is a reason for more government oversight. No. If the government had never given Gimpy Motors bailout money in the first place, they would have done exactly what businesses are allowed to do of their own free will. Shape up, or ship out. Now, we're faced with a shady corporate entity that was only allowed to survive through government intervention.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama setting sights on Supreme Court

President Obama will have the chance to pick a new Supreme Court Justice later this summer as Justice Stevens departs the bench. While many people will say this or that person should be appointed, it is ultimately up to Obama to name a successor. He has already hinted at things that will help shape his decision.

The big thing Obama has already hinted at is pro-women's rights. While he said that is not necessarily "pro-choice" it might as well be. Part of the reasoning for that is "the notion that individuals are protected in their privacy and their bodily integrity, and women are not exempt from that." Well, that is a pretty broad statement. I can not see too many people disagreeing with that. It's a middle path statement. Unfortunately, it is so broad, it almost sounds Libertarian. If "bodily privacy" should be given, then lots of other things should be legal as well. If I want to ingest three pounds of crack everyday, who should stop me? It is my body after all. And let's legalize prostitution. It's a female's body and she should be able to do with it as she pleases.

I'm not endorsing any of those views at all. And I know the Supreme Court nominee is going to go through the gauntlet as far as Senate confirmation is concerned. But if the President is going to outline views that he wants associated with his nominee, then he just needs to come out and say it. Don't beat around the bush. If he wants a pro-choice nominee, then he should say that, and not use such general terms that it can mean anything. If he is truly concerned about private rights, then he should also keep in mind that we should not take away rights from those that have no choice.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet John McCain, the Mav-er, Marketer

John McCain recently told Newsweek's David Margolick that he did not consider himself a maverick, just a representative of the people of Arizona. Well, that's fine if McCain wants to rebrand himself a partisan. He just needs to decide what year he wants to be what.

During the presidential campaign in 2008, it was McCain the Maverick. He and Sarah Palin reveled in the label. It was even part of a Saturday Night Live skit in which McCain participated in, to see how "mavericky" he could be. Just search youtube for McCain and maverick and you will have a nice list of puns and mavericky McCain videos. That was during the presidential campaign. The GOP was up against the wall, and McCain was doing everything in his power to not align himself with Republicans, because that would be aligning himself with Dubya, who was not very popular at the time. In a nutshell, he took on the maverick label hoping it would appeal to the middle ground. The conservatives were probably going to vote for him anyway, but he needed middle-of-the-road support.

Now, it's 2010, and he's in a battle. And this is a primary battle with conservative radio host J.D. Hayworth. Hayworth has a lot of support from true conservatives. Basically, those wanting true budgetary reform in Washington, stronger immigration policy, and those for smaller federal government. Since McCain has been in Washington before the birth of Christ, a lot of people see him as part of the problem. And those are the middle of the road conservatives. Now that he is in a primary battle, he wants to go conservative. So he tells Newsweek that he is a "partisan" because he is against increased federal spending, and other conservative issues. Who knows if voters in Arizona will see through the charade.

Conservatives have had a love/hate relationship with McCain over the years. He has bucked the party on a number of issues and has worked with Democrats on key legislation. So, in a voting year marked with calls for smaller government and less federal spending, McCain is giving us a great example of what really might be wrong with government. I think government works fine as long as people are there to lead, make common sense laws, and only expect to be there for a few years. Just like other long time politicians, McCain is showing that he doesn't want to be fired or laid off and will tell his employers what they want to hear so they do not pink slip him. Maybe he learned something from Joe Lieberman: If you can't beat 'em, just run as an Independent.
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