Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama takes on state's rights

With the immigration law passed in Arizona, President Obama felt the need to weight in on this issue. Basically, the new law states that it is acceptable for law enforcement to question the citizenship of anyone they believe may be here illegally. In a border state that is being threatened with more and more violence from Mexican gangs, it's no wonder the Arizona Assembly passed such a measure. Of course, this will be sent to the Arizona State Supreme Court for review, not the Federal courts. And that's why President Obama needs to tread lightly.

I completely understand that immigration, illegal or legal, is something that should be handled on the federal level. But under the current circumstances, it is the responsibility of state leaders to protect it's own part of the border and its citizens.

The violence in southern Arizona has been worsening, and the furor climaxed with the murder of a rancher by an illegal alien in March, 2010. Mexican drug cartels have been increasingly pushing into the southern border states, and also bringing the violence with them. And the only immigration stance the White House has basically says "sorry for keeping you in the shadows. Learn English, pay a fine, and happy travels in the U.S." It's not a policy, it's an open door. If the national government's answer to illegal immigrant violence in southern border states is to continue to discuss how to strengthen the border, and think about putting national guard troops on border patrol, then the state's have an obligation to protect it's citizens.

There is a legal way to emigrate to the United States. If the federal government does not want to enforce its own policies, then states and local governments should enforce policies it believes are warranted and necessary.

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