Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jack Cafferty on Pelosi

Jack Cafferty of CNN offers this brief commentary on how Pelosi is doing being in charge of the Spendocrats.

Credit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for getting the ball rolling.
Under her leadership, House Democrats excluded Republicans from having any voice in crafting the stimulus package.

Acting like children who hadn't seen Santa Claus for eight years, House Democrats busily loaded up the bill with stuff they had been unable to get for eight years. It was payback time.

Contraception, funding for the arts, restoration of the national mall, stop-smoking programs. All while Americans lose their homes, their jobs, and their savings. It was both childish and disgraceful.

When asked if the lack of Republican support was at least partly her fault, she gave some snotty answer about not being partisan but working for the American people. Right.

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