Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who's Really in Charge?

Is this Obama’s Stimulus plan or the Pelosi-Reid plan?

Kathleen Parker bought up a good point in
today’s editorial at

There was a time last week when Obama looked younger than usual. Not youthful so
much as not fully formed. He seemed out of place in his presidential role. In a
word, he seemed haunted. Had he been visited by the ghosts of Christmas future?

Or had he looked across the table into the eyes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry
Reid and realized that he was not among friends? Obama's lack of authority over
the stimulus package has underscored the value of political experience and
toughness -- and given weakened Republicans the leverage they needed to launch
an aggressive attack.

She brings up a valid argument about Obama being wet behind the ears. Obama never even had to face a re-election for his Senate seat. He ran one time, and then he ran for President. Meanwhile, Democratic generals Reid and Pelosi have been at this for a much longer time and are well schooled in the machinations of DC politics.

Maybe Obama really did have utopian wishes. Who knows? Chances are, Obama had absolutely no say in the stimulus, except to say he wanted no pork in it. Then the behind the scenes wheels began to turn and everyone started to submit their laundry list of wishes, and it became this $800 billion hot air balloon.

It just came on the news that the House and Senate have been able to agree to a new bill. Can’t wait to see the voting break down.

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