Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quid Pro Quo, Clarice

President Obama made many promises during his campaign, just like any other politician. Unfortunately for him, his are likely to stick with him because of the nature of his fee-good campaign.

No lobbyists.

He was going to change the tone in Washington, gonna change the business. How is this change?

In early January, he unveiled his pick to head the FCC, Julius Genachowski. Genachowski and Obama have known each other since their days together at Harvard. Old chums. And just like other recycled picks by Mr. President, Genachowski worked for the FCC during the Clinton administration.

Why don’t we just start calling him President Barack Clinton?

In addition to working his previous experience in government, Genachowski was a – gasp – fund raiser for then-and-always-will-be Campaigner Obama. He raised over $500,000 for the Obama campaign.

While that may have been chump change for the campaign, this definetly looks like a case of back scratching to me. Genachowski may not have been a lobbyists for a law firm or anything of that nature, but can one be a lobbyists if you are lobbying for … yourself?

President Barack Obama has not change the tone of anything in Washington. He promised transparency and we get fund raisers in charge of government agencies. When George Bush was elected the media cried foul because he was bringing in a bunch of friends as associates, advisers, and so on. President Obama is doing the same thing and it gets buried on page 12.

Thanks, President Obama, can I have my change back, please?

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