Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NC Governor Bev Purdue Bites the Hand

NC Governor Bev Purdue Bites the Hand
Governor Bev Purdue recently announced that NC teachers will not be getting their automatic pay increases they normally get when the next school year begins. Unfortunately for the NC teachers union, they don't have any room to complain until 2012, when Purdue is up for re-election.
Teachers groups fell over themselves endorsing Purdue during her campaign, and this is how they get repaid. She has already made drastic budget cuts that have decreased the number of teacher positions, has stopped funds for replacing some teachers that have retired, and with other means, has increased the number of children per classroom.
For a candidate that ran on her previous experience as a teacher, she is showing her adeptness for being a politician, rather than someone concerned about her colleagues in the classroom.

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