Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Senate's Saturday Night Special

While some people will be watching the Saturday night games of college football, or just partaking in other relaxing weekend activities, our elected officials in the Senate will start debating the merits of the Senate's Health Care bill. That's right . . . on a Saturday night.

First, a brief history lesson. During the Bush years, the media was quick to point out news dumps on Fridays from the White House. Even as a conservative, it did seem that the White House was just trying to feign ignorance about what it was doing. The more the Bush White House tried to avoid making news on Friday evenings, the more it made news. I understand that the Senate is not the White House, but a bill that would consume 1/6 of the country's economy should be a bit more important than a Saturday night debate.
The people who will be paying any close attention to the debate will be reporters and those ardently opposed to government-run health care.
One thing this really does is jumble up talking points for Sunday morning news shows. The Ft. Hood shooter is still in the news for his Middle East ties. President Obama still hasn't decided what to do in Afghanistan. There are too many talking points to have a serious discussion about the health care bill.
I'm not opposed to a debate, but neither the House or Senate version brings up tort reform. The only way to truly curb health care costs is to reform litigation. The biggest travesty of all would be the Senate actually passing something at 12:30 AM Sunday morning.

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