Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whoa there, Mr. Reid!

Nevada Senator Harry Reid went off the beaten path over the weekend when his lips, and mind to I imagine, promised to get comprehensive immigration reform done this work period. It was a very receptive audience. Estimates put the crowd at about 6,000, and most of them immigrants.

Unfortunately for Mr. Reid, that message did not jive with White House talking points. Right now, the White House is trying to get moving on financial reform. Not necessarily those greedy pay-day lending pirates, but those that make a whole lot of money, usually in board-approved bonuses.

While The Reid Proclamation may have stirred up immigrants for Democrats, it probably helps Republican opposition as well. During the 2008 presidential campaign, a Pew research poll indicated that immigration reform was not even in the top five issues that voters were thinking about when it came time to vote. The poll, with the results split into McCain voters, Obama voters, and swing voters, indicated that this was not even near the top of their priorities. The highest ranking was among solid McCain voters at 62%, but still seventh in their list of overall priorities. Even among Hispanic voters, immigration reform was seventh in their list of priorities for the new administration.

Methinks Mr. Reid, this is still not a major priority for Americans, considering that national unemployment is still at 9.7%. But you are more than welcome to continue with the Ramdown Cramdown. Ultimately, the voters will decide your fate.

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