Friday, January 28, 2011

The Mexicans Have Built Giant Catapults

If only this were a joke. In a recent Raleigh News & Observer story, I read that Mexican drug gangs are using catapults to launch marijuana over the US/Mexican border. Like I said, if only this were a joke.

Here's the link to the N&O story.

Who is more desperate? Mexican drug gangs trying to get their garbage over the border, or American pot heads trying to get their hands on it. Quite frankly, if pot heads were that desperate, you would see a noticeable migration towards the southern border states. That is, if they were motivated to do so.

The funny, or sad, thing is, with all the money and technology the US is throwing at the border problem, Mexicans are using catapults. Even the "virtual fence" would be useless against ancient weapons of storming castles.

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