Friday, February 27, 2009

North Korea Ramps Up Rhetoric

North Korea has been back in the news lately. The government is preparing to launch what is being called a satellite in early March. There are, of course, many skeptics to this so called satellite launch. Some intelligence agencies are saying this could be a disguised missile launch with the capabilities of reaching Alaska, or the western coast of the lower 48.

The government is North Korea is always willing to negotiate, as long as they get millions in aid in the form of food, supplies, or energy. North Korea says they not give up their nuclear program. They say the program is for power. However, the rest of the world disagrees with that statement. Most world governments believe they are using the program to develop nuclear weapons.

Whatever the uses, North Korea has been threatened with sanctions again and again.

It is finally time for a change in strategy. With so many countries geographically close to North Korea concerned about their nuclear ambitions, it is time to deal with this threat with force. And I fully understand that now is not the time to get bogged down in war with another country. However, I still believe this can be accomplished without a full scale war.

Many media pundits seem to have already forgotten that the United States dealt with a similar issue in the 1980s. Without going to war, President Ronald Reagan authorized air strikes against Libya. Deemed a success, the strikes forced Muammer Gaddafi to stand down in his rhetoric against the west. Although North Korea probably has a much more organized army than Libya did at the time, I do believe strikes would work as long as we had the support of neighboring countries China and Russia. That would probably the hardest part.
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