Thursday, February 26, 2009

Subtraction by Exponential Multiplication

When I was in the 8th, my algebra class had a hard time understanding some of the principles involved. So, we would just say our teacher was using her magic powers. It was a convenient explanation of math we didn’t understand. Well, I would like to say congratulations to her. She is no longer a math teacher. She is now working for the Office of Management and Budget. And they have figured out a way to reduce the deficit in half by 2013, along with proposing the largest budget in history in terms of dollars and percentage of national GDP. Shazaam!

When President Obama was campaigning, he said he would rule from the middle. He failed to mention that he would write his budgets from the far left. But conservatives have been waiting for this since he took office. He had the most liberal voting record in the Senate, when he wasn’t voting “Present.”

In presenting his outline, Obama said there would be "some hard choices that lie ahead." I really find it hard to believe that there would be some extreme cuts in a government budget that is the largest in history.

Highlights include and additional $250 BILLION to stabalize the financial system. I guess there wasn’t enough money in Porkulus to get the job done? And then there is $634 BILLION for a reserve fund for health care for those without coverage. Wealthy seniors will fund some of the increase by paying more in Medicare premiums. And so will those making more than $250 G once the Bush tax cuts expire. I’ve combed over the Constitution, and I still can’t find where health care coverage should be covered by the government.

During his inaugural addres, Obama asked Americans to make sacrifices, to get this great country on the road to recovery. Well, President Obama, we are going along the best we can. It’s nice to know that we shouldn’t worry about the government struggling.

It was nice to see the GOP leadership come out swinging, though. From

"There's been too much spending under the Republicans over the last couple of years, but if you begin to look at what's happen over the last month and what's being proposed in this budget, the president's beginning to make President Bush like a piker when it comes to spending," said Rep. John Boehner, the House minority leader.

Even Mississippi Democrat Gene Taylor was critical of the proposal, saying “I don't like it ... Change is not running up even bigger deficits that George Bush did”

Of course, Nancy Pelosi almost fell over herself praising it as in line with our national values. Well, considering we are in an economic mess right now because people got mortgages they couldn’t afford, maybe she’s not too far from the truth.

I just pray that the GOP makes enough racket about the proposal and can get some Democrats on their side.

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